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Communicate gratitude. Articulate good. Live humbly. Love faithfully.

Hi, I'm Kerri.

I'm mom, friend, teacher, coach, and all the ordinary stuff you would read in any bio, and also...

On Mother's Day 2009, my husband of 13 years suddenly announced he was leaving.

He moved out one week later.

I was five months pregnant with our fifth little boy at the time.

Devastated, unemployed, and terrified of raising five boys by alone, I decided living "ordinary" was not going to cut it and so I set out to redefine my existence.

By doing what others don't, I'm learning what it means to be...

Fiercely Beloved


And I want to help as many people as possible experience the freedom and power of fierce Belovedness too.

I don't know what led you here, but I do know you too are fiercely beloved!

If no one has told you today, let me say it again...

You are Fiercely Beloved!

Heart, soul, mind, and are fiercely Beloved

And you are called to fiercely love: love your God, your faith, your country, your family, and yourself!

If you've been told that loving means not rocking the boat or leaving your comfort zone, comprehending the idea of "fiercely Beloved" is difficult.

But, as Pope John Paul II said, "You were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness."

To experience fierce Belovedness is to experience greatness and only comes through getting uncomfortable.

Think about it...

  • Want to lose weight? Fuel uncomfortably.
  • Want to get stronger? Workout uncomfortably.
  • Want to mend a relationship? Forgive uncomfortably.
  • Want to be smarter? Learn uncomfortably.
  • Want to hear God better? Listen uncomfortably.
  • Want to be happy? Acclaim uncomfortably.

Do you get the idea?


Stop accepting second best for yourself and from yourself.

Make small changes that add up to big confidence.

Push limits and discover what you're made of.

Welcome humility and learn something new.

Embrace accountability and a supportive pride who believe in fierce Belovedness.

Connect mind, soul, heart, and strength for lasting change.

Believe in the possibility of being Fiercely Beloved

Live Fiercely Beloved - Live Not Ordinary


What do You Believe About Yourself?

What do you believe about your purpose?

Do you believe you are an accident?

Do you believe it is a coincidence that you were born here in this place at this time?

Do you believe you were created for a reason?

Do you believe it is time to get your hands dirty and do something?


What do You Believe About Family?

5 Boys and Me June 2020

What do you believe about the sacredness of family?

Do you believe children should keep secrets about gender identity or sexual affiliation?

Do you believe the educational system should have more rights about how a child is raised than parents?

Do you believe educators should dictate the way your child thinks for the rest of her life?

What do You Believe Comes Next?

Do you believe all great nations come to an end?

Do you believe we are on the brink of the end of this great American adventure?

Do you wonder what happens to the soul of America if we continue down this path?

Do you worry about what happens to your soul or your loved ones' souls if something isn’t done soon?


Is America Worth Saving?


Are you tired of the negativity?

Are you tired of the name calling on both "sides?"

Are you worried but don't know where to turn?

Do you think someone should step up and do something?

Do you wish someone would exhibit Christian values of faith, hope, and love when talking about America's challenges?

Do you ever wonder if that someone is you?

Do you wish there was a plan to help you train physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually?

Do you need hope that we can save our great nation and ourselves in the process?

Have you considered that YOU are being called to Live Not Ordinary?

Here's What I Believe.

We are not accidents, mistakes, or here by coincidence.

We are created to live, not exist but to LIVE, in this place at this time for a reason.

We spend too much time in our comfort zones.

We have mistaken being good to ourselves with being soft on ourselves and being firm with ourselves with being mean to ourselves.

We seek to make things easy rather than striving to make things better.

We spend too much time trying to change things out of our circle of influence and neglect what is in our locus of control then ask why our churches, our country, our families, and we ourselves are going to Hell in a hand basket!

We are called to return to principles that founded our country.

I also believe...

You have more power than you think.

You have more strength than you comprehend.

You have more value than you know.

You are specially created for THIS place and THIS moment.

I believe what you do with your gifts is up to you.


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I believe you are called to

Live Not Ordinary

and your calling begins today.

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