Day 007: Sometimes Living Not Ordinary Means Saying No.

I am way overbooked right now and have been for over a week. A couple of people have been jerks and need to be dealt with. I need to understand I will deal better if I am on my game, well rested, and unemotional.

To that end, I am going to go grab some water to clear out my system, meditate on a Bible verse, and fall asleep rather than write more tonight.


Almost immediately after writing the above (or was it while or even before writing?) my Guardian Angel was telling me what I’d said wasn’t quite true. Let me listen to my Beloved Angel and fix what I said.

Only one person is being a jerk. I’ll have to deal with her, but in fairness, I’ll also have to put the situation on a merry-go-round and give it a spin. Maybe she’s seeing the issue from a different vantage point and I need to see other angles. Also, on this I believe I am right, even though I believe I know her point of view. If I can’t see anything differently that, after openly, truthfully, and humbly trying to see what I may have missed, would cause me to change my opinion, I’ll try to change my approach.

I don’t care who wins, as long as the best gets done! So important to remember.

And now I really am going to sleep! 🙂

Good Night & God Bless…

Gratitude Journal April 17, 2023

  1. Getting my workout done this morning.
  2. Talking with Chris.
  3. Dinner with Mel.
  4. Dentists – I never would have seen that coming as a kid!
  5. Having a sense of humor! Lol
  6. Getting report cards (almost) done.
  7. The librarian who is so nice!
  8. Jason Redman’s Pentagon of peak Performance – similar to my Challenge pillars.
  9. My long, tropical skirt and easy to put together outfit.
  10. Jean jackets!
  11. Tea with Chobani oatmilk and giving it up thanks to the Dan Crenshaw interview on sugar etc…
  12. BED!

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