Day 008: What Living Not Ordinary Means

What does it mean to Live Not Ordinary? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the last few years. I’m not sure I have really solid answers – YET! – but I am going to keep searching, and working to attain them!

Here’s what I do know.

Two people can have very similar backgrounds, upbringings, family structures, parenting, education, income levels and so on and so on and so on, and those very similar people can react very differently to the same situation. Given the same situation, one will fall while the other will rise. One will sink to post traumatic stress while the other will seek post traumatic growth. One will get angry, bitter, and resentful while the other will grow compassionate, humble, and grateful.

What is it that makes two very similar people have such different outcomes?

I believe it is the decision to live what is considered ordinary or not ordinary by today’s standards. Those who triumph choose, time after time, to do what is difficult. They choose to see good, do good, and be good, especially when “good” is hard to find.

They do this in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer til death parts them from this life. If this sounds like a marital vow, that’s because it is. The commitment to Live Not Ordinary cannot be a once and done event. It cannot be a fair weather friend. It cannot be situational although certain situations make it easier to Live Not Ordinary than do others. Once made, the decision to Live Not Ordinary, like Marriage, will face temptations and be under attack. It will need a day by day and often moment by moment recommitment.

My commitment to Live Not Ordinary requires a affirmation of what I believe and what I want that is good. I remind myself daily of the following. I desire to thrive among the Overcomers. I want to live Fiercely Beloved and discover what that means. I want to crave serving my God, my country, and my family over myself and my temptations. I want to learn what I am capable of. I want to learn what my Creator asks of me and then I want to do that and do that WELL, not just “good enough,” as the ordinary of the world does, but I want to do that really, really well!!!

I have a list of what it means to Live Not Ordinary which I will post later. I also plan to add to (and possibly take away from) that list as I figure this out.

For now I will say the following. To me, the ultimate meaning in Live Not Ordinary is to see good, do good, and be good in all situations and with all people. To Live Not Ordinary means being conscientious of every small thing I do, think, or pray since I admit every small thing (even those no one but God and my Guardian Angel see) leads to another small thing. Knowing that, I will choose good. .

If I can achieve that, I will thank the Lord for helping me to Live Not Ordinary.

What does Live Not Ordinary mean to you?

Gratitude Journal – April 18, 2023

  1. T and F are back home!
  2. Sitting in the car with T eating goldfish crackers and laughing.
  3. Making the lemon chicken he loves.
  4. Meema for telling me about the game.
  5. Getting report cards done.
  6. Getting my two short workouts done.
  7. Getting some ideas for workouts together.
  8. Knowing I was overwhelmed and nauseous with how much I had to do again today and knowing I could handle it!
  9. Being able to target the most important and most pressing items and pick them off one at a time until I made significant dents in my day and my workload.
  10. Praying at Church this morning – I have to find out what they said instead of the Angelus this morning! How interesting!!!
  11. Thank you Lord!!!

Good night & God Bless…

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