Day 015: It Won’t Be Easy!

Has it ever seemed like real trouble sets in only after you decide to do something good and worthy? That can be the reality for many. It has certainly been true for me the last few days.

Think about what’s happening in those moments when you transition from drifting to commitment.

You can float around for months or even years without having a set plan. You may think you are living a good and easy life. You see no harm in doing what everyone else does, whether it’s partying to excess, engaging in premarital sex, or not building your relationship with God and then blaming Him for that brokenness.

You may not see the harm in what you’re doing. You may think all is going well with your world. You may be happily oblivious to any call to greater depth in yourself.

Then you get this crazy idea to leave the beaten path and do something unique and challenging only to find out that this is where the wrench has been thrown into your plans.

It’s easy to assume that because you’re doing something good and right, God should make your path easier. It certainly seems reasonable to believe that if you’re living more for God, He’d open doorways and clear obstacles for you. Many go so far as to tell God this is how He should run things.

That’s not how God or the world works.

You don’t tell God you’re going to do something hard and then tell Him it should be made easy.

God knows your earthly reward comes from doing what is difficult, that few others do. It doesn’t come because your mountains turn into marshmallows but because you’ve surmounted them. Your reward is at least, if not more, in lessons learned along the way as it is in attaining whatever it is you a think you want to achieve.

When you’re drifting directionless or fighting what is good and holy and preoccupied with selfish pursuits, you are no threat to the devil’s works and manipulations. Once you begin to change though, the devil starts noticing you. Commit to that change and you will see him up his ante putting belief blockers at every turn.

Take time to be sure the path you are on leads you closer to Christ. Be sure those blocks are not something you are causing or a result of your pursuing a something that is not good and holy or yours to pursue. Be sure God has put this desire on your heart and then lead your heart where it needs to go, expecting hardship and sabotage along the way.

This difficulty when trying to do something good may also be a way to keep you coming back to Christ. Do not give up!

Gratitude Journal, 5/25/23

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Cody’s baseball game
  2. Cody’s hit!
  3. Matt being at the game.
  4. Zack and Meema became my at the game!
  5. Dinner at Red Robin
  6. MUCH less to do than I’ve had to do the last few days.
  7. Knowing I can handle sabotoge
  8. Knowing I’m right.
  9. Knowing what I’m doing is best for the students
  10. Having the courage and confidence to be proactive and contact people who may be plotting against me) first.
  11. Justice for Armenias – jocko podcast
  12. Good night Lord.

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