Day 016: Begin Your Day with Prayer

It’s funny, or maybe sad, that after realizing that the best way to Live, Not Ordinary is to strive for Sainthood, I changed some of the easiest, simplest, and best things I’ve done for years. These are things I know bring me closer to God, to Peace, and to being the confident, capable woman God created me to be. I believe these things, done consistently have been more beneficial in helping me be ready to strive for Sainthood than any technique I’ve studied or any expert I’ve spoken with.

Whether you intentionally choose to become a Saint, and a great one, or just want to honor God a bit before jumping into the chaos and stress of the day, it’s become apparent over the years, that every day must begin with prayer. There is no way around it. There is no day you can consider yourself too busy. There can be no morning started too late.

Prayer is absolutely essential. I believe my morning prayer is most essential of all. Morning prayer sets your tone for the day. It puts your day in the Creator’s Hands and offers Him all the day’s good and bad. It expresses confidence in God to see you through struggles and therefore your ability to handle those struggles with aplomb. It begins your day in gratitude. It reminds you that you aren’t in control of everything that will happen in this day, but you are in control of how you handle it. Morning prayer resets any left over stress from the day before and hands everything all over to God.

Morning prayer isn’t necessary long or elaborate. Mine is said while still laying in bed, while all comfy cozy, before my feet hit the floor.

Here is my simple morning prayer. You’re welcome to use it and adapt it for yourself. My only advice is to make it sincere.

Good morning my Lord and my God.

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for all the good and the bad this day will bring.

I love You very much.~Amen

KB Morning Prayer 🙂

It’s not a long. It’s not sophisticated. It’s not particularly beautiful or and certainly not award-winning.

It’s just genuine and filled with love and gratitude. I think that’s a good (and needed) start to any day.

Good night & God Bless…

Gratitude Journal 4/25/23

Thank you Lord for…

  1. Getting my mornings back in track so my days could be more back in track.
  2. Getting most of this post done early in the morning so there was less to do tonight.
  3. Water when I was thirsty.
  4. R’s show
  5. The Church being open so I could stop for a few minutes.
  6. Realizing how desperately I need God’s help with patience.
  7. Steak for dinner.
  8. Cast iron skillets.
  9. Messages with Z.
  10. Reading to C.
  11. Meema to bounce ideas off of.
  12. Phone calls with S.

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