Day 041: Sunday Gratitude

Last week, Mother’s Day I decided posting every day was too much and I needed to follow God’s command to take a day of rest, even from the writing that I love to do and that I feel He is calling me to figure out. Because of this, I didn’t post at all, but as the week went on and I thought of so many different ideas for different days, the one that struck me most is that, even on Sunday, we should not take a break from gratitude. Maybe especially on Sunday we should remember to thank the Lord.

This whole Live, Not Ordinary, I want to be a Patriot and a Saint, and a great one, concept is new to me. I’m hoping to figure out much of it as I go along. I blew it by not being publicly grateful once. I’m hoping my Guardian Angel helps me not make such a mistake again.

On that note, here’s just the tip of what I’m thankful for today.

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal – May 21, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. A beautiful day for a game.
  2. Coaches that put kids first and mixed our teams up when we beat the others so badly.
  3. The good natured taunting the boys did to each other since teammates were now opponents.
  4. That C played other positions.
  5. for A. and her adorable hat making a point to say hello to me.
  6. for KK who came over and gave me a big hug hello! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me!
  7. For being able to laugh at myself even though I am horrified and want to hide after coming home from the game only to realize my shirt was not dark enough to hide the darker bra and in  might as well have been wearing nothing – that’s not as exaggerated as I wish it was! 🤦🏼‍♀️
  8. For ice cream sundaes with C.
  9. For a sink full of clean dishes and a semi decent house to start our week.
  10. For clean laundry.
  11. For M taking C to hit the ball around.
  12. For M staying for dinner.
  13. for M hanging out after.
  14. For R coming home earlier than I thought.
  15. For a Rosary walk in the perfect night air.
  16. For a longer walk than I’d planned as I chatted with Z on the phone.

There are so many things I could continue to write, but for now…good night my Lord. Thank you for loving my boys and me.

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