Day 046: Our Towers of Babel vs. the Holy Ghost

Only 11 chapters into Genesis, the first Book of the Bible, and mankind has already become so full of himself that he believes he can build a tower to God. It is not that God does not want mankind united with Him. He Loves you and very much longs for unity, but unity at any cost is not quality unity. We cannot leave God out and try to unite with Him at the same time. This is what those building that infamous tower did.

History is full of towers of Babel. Mankind cycles through times it forgets God and thinks it can do without Him. Sometimes mankind goes so far as to make Himself God. Chaos always ensues. We saw this in the confusion of languages at the tower. We see it through war and loss in other periods of history as well. Today we see it in the destruction of the family, in child sacrifice through abortion, and in the mutilation of God’s gift of sexuality and the human being as created in the image and likeness of God through the lgbtqfu mafia. Chaos is increasing.

We also see this on a more personal level in our own lives. We cycle through periods of thinking we don’t need God or thinking that God doesn’t care about us in varying degrees. This is more true for trauma survivors who have a hard time believing in a benevolent Father’s Love or understanding that sometimes Love says no. This can be especially hard to understand when what we beg God for us in His stated plan. These include begging God for things like purity and innocence when we are victims of sexual deviance, unity and security when we are victims of the breakup of the family, and healing and trust when we are victims of physical violence through illness, accidents, or malicious attacks. In these instances we think we can ascend without God. We usually do make some initial strides forward but eventually plateau or come crashing back, off our high towers, and back down to Earth.

The Holy Spirit heals this. Through Pentecost we see the division of languages as we see at the Tower of Babel, but completely differently too. Those in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit visited we not separated by language. They retained their original vernacular and were still able to communicate easily with one another. Instead, the Holy Spirit gifted them with the ability to speak a variety of languages.

What may be more amazing is that this was not done to gift the Apostles but to gift each of us for generations. The gift of diversity of language was given so the Apostles could more easily go into the world and bring the message of Jesus Christ to all people. It was done to unite people and bring all of humanity to the Lord so that we could know forgiveness, Divine Mercy, healing, Absolute Truth, and devout, never ending Love.

The Holy Spirit did this first on Pentecost. He, who is said to be the unity of the Love of the Father and Son, first came to humanity on the Feast of Pentecost. He now comes to us repeatedly every day bringing us the same messages the Apostles were gifted with bringing to the world.

It can be hard for trauma victims to believe this kind of powerful Love exists. Power for many trauma victims means pain, fear, and suffering. To Live, Not Ordinary, trauma victims must step out in faith. The Lord will never force Himself upon anyone. Our minds, souls, hearts, and bodies must be open to Him. When we are triggered and feel the urge to withdraw and  self-protect, we must humbly realize we cannot build our towers without God. Trying to do so will always reward us a layer or two, but eventually chaos ensues.

On the Feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, begin to train your mind to think differently. Begin to train yourself to trust in God. Lay your fear, suffering, and pride at the foot of the Cross and offer them to Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak with you in your silence and stillness. Give Him time to give you time to begin getting it our story of trauma and betrayal out.

Do not build your towers alone. They often become prisons instead. Seek healing through the united Love of Father and Son. Live for a cause greater than yourself and step out in faith. It is through accepting this risk that healing is found.

Prayer:  O Holy Spirit, great uniter of my fallen, fearful nature and God, grant me strength to carry my crosses with Love. Grant me peace to subdue the voices that speak lies to my heart and mind. Grant healing to my soul, so that I may find my purpose. Commission me to fearlessly lead others to You. Send me out into the world to those who are like me, lashing out in anticipation of pain, rejection, and betrayal or hiding terrified or making a wrong move in the shadows of their pre-Resurrection Upper Rooms. Holy Spirit wrap me in the Love of the entire Trinity. Bring me the heat of fire and the peace of the dove and send me to Love and serve as impossibly as you led the Apostles to do. Amen.

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal- May 27, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Mass this morning.
  2. Zoom with B.
  3. answers the Holy Ghost has inspired in me.
  4. fireworks.
  5. groceries and “cheap” chicken.
  6. London broil on sale.
  7. buying groceries
  8. buying a lawn mower.
  9. Clean sheets!
  10. coffee
  11. Pentecost – my favorite holiday (and I love many holidays!!!) and the Holy Ghost who picked me up when I was on my knees in darkness.

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