Day 047: Gratitude Journal May 28, 2023

Sunday is a day of rest. As a single mom of five boys, I’m not sure I’ll ever get a day of. R.E.S.T. That said, one thing I will do is not do work I don’t enjoy or won’t get satisfaction out of it work that doesn’t help me start off the week more centered later. The work I do on Sunday has to be easy with quick and easy to see outcomes. You’ll see a lot of what I did will pop up in my gratitude today. Either way, here goes today’s list!

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal- May 28, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Pentecost. Pentecost! Pentecost!!!
  2. The new lawn mower.
  3. The lightness of the mower compared to gas mowers.
  4. Getting the backyard mowed.
  5. Getting the side garden in.
  6. Beginning the front garden.
  7. Water on a hot day.
  8. Food when I felt weak.
  9. A shower when I was sweaty, smelly, and  gross.
  10. The Washington DC Memorial Day Concert.
  11. The men and women whose stories they showed.
  12. Charlie Plumb, Vietnam Hanoi Hilton survivor, and others sharing their expertise with the rest of us.
  13. Post traumatic growth lessons.
  14. 50 years of an all volunteer military even in our longest war in US history.
  15. Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna hosts of the concert for the support they give our military.
  16. Meema for telling me about the concert.
  17. Forgiveness when I wanted to celebrate Pentecost more but didn’t.
  18. Forgiveness for making today less a day of rest and certainly not the Lord’s day, especially on the Feast of Pentecost, than a day of work.
  19. Forgiveness for not even completing the Rosary as I’d wanted to.
  20. The disappointment I feel that tells me I should have done better to honor God today. The knowledge that I have a LONG way to go before I become any kind of saint,  never mind a Saint, and a great one.
  21. Knowing beating myself up for messing up does not help. What helps is receiving God’s forgiveness and Mercy and then reconciling with Him through the Sacrament of Confession and doing better next time.
  22. Knowing much of what I did today was good, valuable, hard work. It was not sinful at all, but I did put work above time with God. That is sinful. It made a god of my work. This is sinful. It is also a lost opportunity for spending time with the Lord. Hope that this is a wake up call and I will put people above accomplishments, even when I have so much on my plate,  and make no more missed opportunities with God or loved ones.
  23. Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit. Thank you for saving me in this life for the next. Come into my life, my heart, my world. Be one with me.

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