Day 048: When It Seems Hard to Be Grateful, Remember

When things are not going well, it is easy to get down on yourself and on other people and circumstances as well. It seems when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. You get caught in a negativity snowball which gets bigger and more out of control the longer you roll downhill. This can make it difficult to find anything to be grateful for.

There is no doubt that life can be difficult; however, despite our hardships, we, in America, have much to be thankful for. We are infinitely Blessed to be born as American citizens, or to be naturalized as such, and able to enjoy the benefits of living in America at this moment in history.

It’s been said that we win the lottery just by being born in the United States today. I am going to disagree with that for many reasons, but for now I am simply going to talk about the word, “lottery.” To win the lottery implies that nothing was done to earn your winnings. It implies that the winning ticket holder simply got lucky. While the Good Lord may have Blessed us with the gift of being born in, or able to legally immigrate to America, we must remember freedom is not won on a cardboard scratch off. It does not come from a convenience store down the street. It is not taxed once and then pocketed forever. Freedom, the goodness we take for granted, and the opportunity to better ourselves when we dislike the card that’s been dealt us, is a gift paid for by the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of brave men and women freely doing what few of us can imagine and paying our bills by giving up to and including their lives.

Too many of them (over 1.3 million) have done just that since our war for independence began over 200 years ago.

Today that war looks very different but make no mistake, we are still in a war for independence: independence from oppression, evil, and ingratitude. It is part of why we have a hard time stopping that negativity snowball. Our enemies are not charging us with bayonets or placing IEDs under thinly graveled roads. They are subtle and secretive and steady. They cause fear, confusion, and pride. They prevent us from doing what is right and from being the best version of ourselves. They prevent us from loving.

To defeat our enemies, we begin, not by learning to shoot, but by learning to be appreciative. We acknowledge that the pain we feel happens to people all over the world, but only some of us are Blessed with the gifts of freedom, faith, and the ability to change hands. We begin by being thoroughly grateful, not for ourselves, but for the sacrifice of those who give us America. We remember the 1.3 million American heroes killed in action as well as the countless others killed in training missions and those who lost the war at home. We remember the families, the husbands, wives, sons, daughters, parents, siblings, best friends, and more, who freely handed a loved one over. We remember the injured who return home as shining examples of fortitude and resilience and hope.

When having a hard time being grateful, remember.

No one is guaranteed an easy life, but we can be grateful that whatever we face, we live in the land of the free between two shining seas. Life is not easy in America for many of us. It was far worse for some in generations past, but always, the American dream has been to freely give thanks to Jesus Christ and for our ability to provide better for those who would come after us. This dream is personified in the American hero.

Be grateful by remembering them and their families today. When it’s hard to be grateful, remember…

Breakdown of American Military killed in combat.



Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
And let perpetual Light shine upon them.
May they rest in Peace.
May their souls and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in Peace. Amen

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal – May 29, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. The Founding Fathers
  2. Those with the original dream for America and what could be for all God’s children.
  3. Men and women who fought that first battle for our independence.
  4. Men and women who’ve fought battles to keep our independence.
  5. Those who’ve paid the Ultimate Sacrifice.
  6. Knowing they did not die so I might live as I want, but so that I might live as is Good.
  7. Those who marched and played in today’s parade.
  8. Law enforcement keeping people safe today.
  9. Towns people coming out to show their support.
  10. My kids coming for a bbq.
  11. Meemes and R and Father M coming for a bbq.
  12. R doing much of the work on the grill.
  13. Delicious good and more than enough of it.
  14. A phone call with B.
  15. Rosary to end the day…

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