Day 049: America Has Been a Great Place to Experience Trauma

Trauma happens everywhere. It’s inescapable. Whether your trauma is heavy and early, like in the case of child abuse or molestation or older and natural like the decline and loss of a parent, trauma is universal and will hit us all at some point.

As I wrote yesterday’s post expressing my gratitude for those we honor on Memorial Day, I thought of how fortunate we are to be here in America. I thought of all the abuse, war, poverty around the world and was again filled with gratitude that whatever I’ve faced, I’ve faced it in the land of the free during a time of strength for my sweet and beautiful country.

Trauma happens. When it does, thank God it’s happening in America where we have the right to seek God’s healing for our pain and the duty to bring His peace to others in their suffering. In America we have the right and the duty to speak out against trauma. This gives us purpose and gifts us with the ability to find meaning in our painful experiences. With purpose and meaning, our most difficult life experiences have value. In America, we have the right and the duty to defend and protect ourselves helping us grow stronger even through hurt so we can hope to prevent repeated offenses.

Trauma happens everywhere. By being thankful for where it happens rather than resentful that it happens, we crack the shells around hearts and allow light to shine through. The mindset shift is the beginning of finding gratitude for, never the trauma itself, but instead for the lessons you e gained from it and for the beauty God makes from ashes when we turn them over to Him.

Trauma is terrible, but, if you have to be traumatized, America has been a great place to be traumatized in. Let’s be grateful and keep her that was for generations to come.

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal – May 30, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Going back to school
  2. My short, amd slightly snarky response to a ridiculous email.
  3. The confidence to deal with the email without getting upset.
  4. The realization I once would have been crushed by her meanness and stupidity.
  5. Getting the review worksheets done.
  6. My boys coming home – Z, R, and C.
  7. Goofing around with them.
  8. Reading Michael Vey to Cody.
  9. Finishing book 4.
  10. Praying the Rosary with the Bocelli family on the Hallow app.

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