Day 060: You Can’t Do This Alone. Neither Can I

Tomorrow is the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi. We spend so much time, energy, and focus on self improvement nowadays. We read books, listen to podcasts, and talk to friends hoping to gain insight to ourselves and our circumstances.

For the most part, these are good things. There is too much to this great and gorgeous world for us to discover it all on our own. The experience and perspective of others can be invaluable in helping us become who we want to be.

The trouble is not in doing these things, but in making a god of these things. When we think we are so busy or so sophisticated, or so, whatever that we don’t need the body of Christ, we do well for a while but set ourselves up for delayed failure and disappointment. We need Jesus.

Jesus tells us in John six, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life.”

He does not say whoever reads the most books, listens to the best podcasts, coaches, or therapists, or has the most friends has eternal life. He says we must eat His body and drink His blood. This happens in Transubstantiation at the Mass and has been proven through Eucharistic miracles over the centuries.

It is life’s greatest Mystery and difficult to understand, yet this is the one place in the Bible Jesus does not explain further for those who doubt and turn away. He sadly watches them go.

If you find yourself doubting, doubt your doubts, not the word of God. If you’re looking for self improvement begin by looking at the Eucharist. The Lord said you were not meant to live alone. This does not mean that you were meant solely to share life within Marriage and family but, most importantly, you are meant to share life within Him. Jesus said He would never leave you or forsake you. He comes to you every time you take the Eucharist and join yourself to Him.

Doubt your doubts. Open your heart and mind. Learn about the Body and Blood of our Lord and what happens through the priest’s reenactment on the Altar.

Confess, repent, reconcile, and then partake in the Lord’s greatest gift: His Body and Blood. You were not meant to do this life alone. None of us were. We are meant to live in Communion with Christ our risen King.

More than any advice I or other better known guru can give you, my Beloveds, going to frequent Confession, Mass, and reception of the Eucharist will change your life. That is where your change will come.

To God be the Glory! Praise Corpus Christi!!!

God Bless…

Gratitude Journal- June, 10, 2025

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Letting me fall back to sleep.
  2. Getting me to Mass for the Eucharist
  3. Mass today.
  4. the parking space up close when I was running late.
  5. Blessed Carlo Acuti and his dedication to the Lord and the Eucharist
  6. 15 year old Blessed Carlo Acuti and his devotion to the Lord, the Mass, and the Eucharist.
  7. B leased Carlo Acuti’s quote, “All of us are born originals, but many of us will die as photocopies.” Powerful!
  8. Blessed Carlo Acuti’s devotion to Adoration and Eucharistic miracles.
  9. The Acuti family for encouraging Carlo and spending two years before his death of leukemia to document Eucharistic miracles and bring them to the world.
  10. The website allowing us to have and view these panels for free (The museum version is hard to see online. Go to downloads and choose the web version).
  11. Father M for displaying these posters around the Church.
  12. Father M for holding 24 hour Adoration.
  13. Father M and Father O celebrating Mass together today.
    The picture of humility and certainty/confidence/strength watching the younger man lead Mass while the older con celebrated. Stunningly beautiful!!! It literally took my breath away.
  14. Singing the Ave Maria at the end of Mass. o how I LOVE her!!!
  15. The prayer to the Blessed Virgin and hope that my loved ones will come back to the Lord and the Church!
  16. Calling Meema.
  17. Getting the hall closet cleaned.
  18. Donating four bags of I don’t know what! I know this is because I have confessed being attached to stuff and needing to declutter that I can easily give my things away now. I believe this is a personal miracle! Thank you Lord!!!
  19. Getting the side garden done.
  20. Doing the hardest part of the front garden.
  21. Getting students grades done.
  22. So many high grades this quarter!
  23. Getting my workouts done to the Rosary.
  24. Getting trig word problems done.
  25. Working on my emails.
  26. Getting almost everything I said I’d do done today.

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