Day 061: Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal – June 11, 2023

Thank You Lord for…

  1. Celebrating Your Sacred Heart today.
  2. Mass and Father I explaining the Eucharist.
  3. Father I telling us he’d prefer us to take the Body of Christ on the tongue and kneeling respectfully.
  4. Adoration and Benediction.
  5. Rosary and prayer walk around the pride event today.
  6. Hope that God will convert their hearts and brings them back to Him.
  7. Humility, purity, love, forgiveness, and mercy.
  8. Walking with B. tonight.
  9. Leftovers.
  10. Healing the blisters I got on my lips from putting the fork from the pan straight into my mouth Friday.
  11. Meema and the boys going to games.
  12. A day of semi-rest anyway!


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